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SANA - Tradition (Group/Workshop) Application

Before you complete the form below, please read this:

  1. At the description box you can share a summary of your Tradition, its goals and why you want to join the SAN Alliance.
  2. If teachings are in writing: All courses are to be high-quality writing with correct grammar.
  3. No plagiarism is permitted. This will be checked.
  4. If you are going to teach from books, make sure you give the sources, with quotation makes.
  5. If teachings are presented through audio or video, just add your sources and speak as informally as you prefer. (Within reason)
  6. At least 50% of the lessons offered are to be free.
  7. At least 24 lessons are to be completed before your Tradition doors can open to the public. Before then, you are welcome to have trusted friends come in and work with you as you complete the lessons. Or new friends who enjoy helping. Example: 
    Course Name: Chakras / Lesson 1 Healing/ Lesson 2 Life Energy and Kundalini/ Lesson 3 Energy Sources/ Lesson 4 Energy Mapping/ Lesson 5 Psychic Mapping/ Lesson 6 Uniting the Physical with the Finite/ Lesson 7 Light Conduits. That course has 7 lessons // 
    Course Name: The Power of Colors/ Lesson 1 Black/ Lesson 2 White/ Lesson 3 Gray/ Lesson 4 Working with Triad Colors/ Lesson 5 Working with Opposite Colors/ Lesson 6 Red / Lesson 7 Green/ Lesson 8 Yellow/ Lesson 9 Purple/ Lesson 10 Brown/ Lesson 11 Blue / Lesson 12 Indigo/ Lesson 14 Cast Shadows// Up to this point you have 21 lessons and just 3 more lessons to go.
    As you can see, we are not counting courses; we are counting lessons. Hope that helped.
  8. Each lesson should be easily readable, meaning font size needs to be at least a 11 in size and 1.5 – 2.0 line spacing. As well as the font style is to be easily read.
  9. Each lesson should be at least 3 standard-sized pages in length. Hopefully more content can be added as time goes by.
  10. Craft your presentations, hopefully, different than any of the other Traditions here, so when a new member enters SANA, they will enter a new world of unique approaches, formatting, and beautiful precepts, be it in text form, audio, video, or art in any form.
  11. A Tradition seeking to enter SANA must present their: —Tradition Lessons —Mission Statement —Philosophy to the SANA Council after finishing 24 developed lessons to present in any format they choose, i.e., writing, audio, or video.
  12. A short statement on how your Tradition will be run democratically and how financial accountability will take place.
  13. After approved with the SANA Council, the Tradition will be publicly announced by one of the Council members. 
  14. All approved Tradition Contact information are kept by the Master of Records,
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