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The Wave

The Wave

The Wave Tradition Creed

Founded 8.28.2023

We believe everyone, and everything is a perfect reflection of Deity. Everything is a timeless, ageless Soul. Our Soul is ours to explore and expand. Leaning on our own, Source-given understanding.

Our Soul travels to every place, every time, every being for every reason. It can be found in the smallest atom and the most distant galaxy.

We believe that you have the wisdom of the ages; thus, you know how to instinctively walk your path to the radiant light, because you are the light.

We believe everyone is home with Deity. Every human is equal, holding all races, genders, and sexual preferences in high esteem. We are Souls expressing ourselves in many forms within this eternal moment.

We believe Deity has many names; some of their names are Mother, Father, Sister, and Brother.

We believe in peace, and that love will eventually overrule greed, dominance and fear in every form.

We believe Deity is multi-faceted, which leads to and is the One Holy Source, of which all things are part. Every living thing is eternal and loved by Deity. The Soul returns again and again, becoming more evolved and compassionate to all, for all.

We believe in unity and harmony, harming none. Our Souls pray that all be found with an open mind and open heart for everyone’s perspective.

The Wave Tradition is a life-affirming way to live. Not the only way, a way to learn about our Soul family and our many lives, living life.

Deity is bigger than any single doctrine and cannot be contained inside one perspective nor described fully by any one person, book, or one experience. Yet Source is fully capable of reaching and teaching every living thing through us and all of nature.

Everything lives and is part of our Universal Soul.

Every being should be given every protection, opportunity, and privilege under the stars.

Every human has the right to live a bright, expressive life.

We have lived forever. With no beginning or end. Only our earthly bodies transition.

We embrace the notion that all beings have the capacity for many purposes, an aware consciousness, and a fully developed Soul.

Blessing others while fully expressing our own sacred voice. Free will belongs to us; with every decision we make, we move closer to our own Soul path, and our peace and joy are found within. We learn and evolve through life’s storms and sunny days equally.

All humans have the right to live in happiness, freedom, and love, suffering no harm at the hands of anyone.

We believe that animals are to be respected and protected from isolation and pain.

We encourage harmony among all nations; all have the right to live a free, peaceful existence.

We believe in protecting and sustaining water, air, and the Earth.

All of nature and science is a perfect reflection and condition of our Souls.

A single thing consists of everything. All things and we are the One.

We are part of Source. We are inside Source, and Source is inside us.

We believe in living an ethical life, utilizing truth and compassion as our guide posts.

Mother Goddess, Father God, is one with us.

It took millions of years to form us and millions more for our continued evolution. Every soul is lovingly fashioned by Deity as we create our future. We are in complete partnership with Deity while ever becoming and learning as we live these lives together. 

We believe together, we can change our world through revealing the truth of mankind Spirit, and nature.

And so it is.

In Service to the Goddess and the God,
Stephanie Leon Neal~

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